rUN is a stand-alone digital blockchain wallet created by Centrality which allows developers and end users the ability to interact with Centrality's CENNZNet blockchain network.

Installation Guide

rUN is available for Mac, Windows and Linux. We will take you through the installation process for Mac operating systems.

Download the latest version at or here

Download either the .pkg or .dmg files for Mac

If installing from the .pkg file, you will need to right click on the downloaded file and select open with → Installer option.

Drag the rUN icon into your Applications folder

After the installation, you should see the rUN icon show up in your Applications folder.

Launch rUN. For first time users, please read and scroll through to the bottom of the Terms of Service and the 'I Agree' button will be enabled.

From here you can choose to join either the UAT network or start your own local test net.

Connecting for the first time will require synchronising with the CENNZNet network.