To become a validator you will need to first deposit funds into the account you wish to use for staking.

You can deposit funds into your wallet address here

The CENNZnet address is the address for the wallet you want to use in the rUN application.

This is what you will see when you are not yet participating.

Select the account you wish to use from the dropdown menu.

Make sure all the details are correct - the amount of tokens you wish to stake as well as the amount of spending tokens you have available.

The spending token balance is what covers the transaction fees during staking and unstaking.

Click 'Stake'.

WARNING: Once you become a validator, if you leave the network by going offline or close the application without unstaking, you will lose some of your staking tokens!

Once you are a validator, the account you have chosen to use will be locked up, as well as the balance of any assets inside the account. Removing yourself from the Validator list will continue to lock up your account for the next 72 hours so be sure you want to proceed.

Click 'I understand' if you wish to proceed.

Confirm all the staking details are correct and click 'Confirm' to start participating.

Before you are accepted into the validator pool you can still unstake without locking up your account if you change your mind.


1 session = 10 blocks
At the end of every session / 10 blocks you will get a summary of your staking reward

1 era = 50 blocks
Each staker waiting in the pool will be added to the list of validators at the start of the next era.
At the end of every era, the staking rewards will be sent to your nominated staking account and removed from the list of validators / unstake order executed

When you are participating as a validator, you will see a yellow notification bar to show that you are in staking mode.

Going back to your account tab will show your current balances but you will not be able to deposit or withdraw from it.